Helping companies, teams, and individuals create better developer experiences.


  • Strategy

    Whether you're starting on your developer experience journey, or looking for some organizational redesign, I'll help you figure out precisely who you'll need and what they'll need to succeed.

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  • Content

    You have a lot of different content needs, but you want a cohesive strategy. I'll help you figure out what to produce, what content channels you should focus on, and how to measure impact and distribution.

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  • Community

    Developers want community, not traditional marketing. I'll help you plan and execute your go-to-community strategy so you can maximize your developer reach.

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  • Events

    Developers expect a lot from conferences and events. From infrastructure to content themes, I'll help you plan and execute your next event.

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  • Programs

    Motivate and reward your developer community with a champion, ambassador, or MVP program.

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  • Audits

    Discover friction with developer experience audits. I'll work through your core developer workflows and provide detailed reports with actionable steps to improve time-to-value for developers.

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  • Research

    Understand how developers are using your tools and services. I'll help you discover the most active developer personas in your ecosystem and what they need from you.

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  • Documentation

    Quality documentation can often be the differentiator for developer adoption. I can help you identify and address information gaps and inconsistencies in tutorials and guides, as well as information architecture issues.

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  • Staffing

    Sometimes the unexpected happens. No matter what your situation is, I can jump in and help keep things running smoothly while you work to fill the role, or I can help with sourcing incredible talent.

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Level Up with Labs

  • Metrics & Reporting

    In this workshop, you'll learn the ins and outs of metrics, what your team should measure based on your goals, and how to gain trust in your metrics.

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  • Developer Experience Audits

    Remove friction from developers' workflows with developer experience audits. Learn how to give effective and consistent feedback to internal teams and get the buy-in you need to make change happen.

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  • Content Creation

    From technical writing to live streaming, this workshop will get you up to speed on how to create high-quality content consistently.

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  • Running Online Communities

    Learn everything you need to know about running a healthy and safe online community: moderation, bots, measuring engagement, and more.

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  • Program Management & Automation

    Launching is the easy part. In this workshop, you'll learn how to manage and scale your initiatives without sacrificing your time.

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Individualized Training

  • Developer Advocacy

    Learn how to maximize your impact as a developer advocate with this four week immersive program where you'll learn everything about the developer advocate role and how to be successful in it.

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  • Community Management

    Learn everything you need to know about running a successful online community. From tracking engagement to community strategy, this four week immersive course will have you ready.

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About Me

Kurt Kemple is the creator of The Developer Advocate's Guide series, Developer Experience Audits, and the Developer Advocacy Value Cycle. He's led developer relations and engineering teams at Apollo, AWS, and MLS.See my work